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Wildcat Piercing Kataloğu
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Tattoo Care
Be avoid from water contact at least 3 days. Do not tear off the cortex which you can see on the top of the tattoo. Be avoid from direct sun light at least 1 month. You have to apply the tattoo aftercare cream or Bephantene Plus to the involved surface.
Piercing Care
Be avoid from water contact at least 1 day. In 15 days, Spread the Biocadin Solution and Thiocilline Cream by following order to the piercing area twice a day.

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1-Hygiene: To serve our customers at European standards, our main basis is sterilization and hygiene. The materials we use for tattooing and piercing are single use materials. Our piercing and tattoo needles are inside their original sterile packages and there is “0%” risk of getting infected from them. We use high quality, top of the range needles so there is never a problem with our needles. All the tattoo and piercing needle packages have expiry dates on them and we dispose of any expired packages immediately. All of our materials have EU and CE certificates. Our company is a member of the Tattoo and Piercing Artists Association of Turkey. We have autoclave machines(sterilization machine) in all of our studios. Please do not get your tattoos from  studios  which do not have autoclave machines. Our inks are original tattoo inks and imported from the EU and USA. Our inks have medical certificates from foreign and Turkish health departments.

2-Pricing: Our pricing is not only square centimeter based. Details of the image, workmanship, color, shadow, and the designs cm2 are important for pricing. After you choose our studio and artist, please fill in our pricing form on the website. While you are filling in the form please give us the details about the tattoo (cm2,font,shadowing,etc.) You should also send an image of the tattoo. We will respond to your form immediately after we get it. If you do not send the width and length of the tattoo, we are unable to give a price for  the tattoo.

Materials: Our tattoo machines are original tattoo machines and we do not use home-made machines. In our studios we use different machines for contours, shadowing and filling. If our artists use the same machines for these operations, they calibrate the machines before use. Because of these conditions our workmanship is very clean and flawless. The tubes we use at the point of the machines are single use materials and manufactured in medical plastic materials factories. Our tattoo ink plastic cup containers are disposable and we throw them away after use. In the same way our vaseline tubes and sterile gloves are single use only.

Workmanship: Please be careful about fake certificated tattoo artists who put other artists work on their websites. Our first rule is to do our job perfectly. Our prices are not cheap, but neither expensive. Please do not forget that nobody will do a beautiful tatoo cheaply. The tattoos on your body are not like a painting on your apartment wall, you cannot take your tattoos down and they will be on your body for life. Because of this situation, please be careful while choosing the design, artist and studio before getting a tattoo. A cheap tattoo will be very expensive if you get some health issues and have to pay more to cover or fix a tattoo. Always get a professional’s advice about the area and design before getting a tattoo.
We can also fix your old tattoos by covering them with a different design. We also have special designs for covering operation scars, burn marks and other major scars. There is no extra price for our designs. Do not forget that not all the designs can cover the area of the old tatoo or marks, so get  advice from a pro. First of all for covering jobs come to our studios and get our advice. We will take a photo of the area and figüre out the size. After choosing your design from our catalogue, we will price it using our pricing policies. If you accept the price, we will start designing it after you give us a deposit. We will develop the tattoo until you really like the design.


1-)Hygiene: We are using German brand Braun needles for piercing and they are single use only. Our needle tips are sharper than the other brands, so it reduces the pain you feel. We sterilize the piercing materials in a disinfectant fluid before piercing your body. All the pliers are sterilized with medical disinfectant fluids too. We use a medication under your skin to disinfect the piercing area. We use single use medical gloves during the piercing session. We use anaesthetic sprays to reduce the pain. We have autoclave machines in our studios. Do not get your piercings in studios which don’t have autoclave machines.

2-)Materials: Our studios are official vendors of famous English brand Wildcat Piercing. We only use titanium materials in our studios. We never use Chinese brand poor quality materials, which are painted with lead based spray paints. Titanium has grades like gold and silver. (G1-G5-G23 Titanium). G23 titanium is the purest titanium. All theWildcat Piercing brand titanium materials are G23 grade, and they have less nickel and easyily processable. If piercing materials are low graded and have more nickel in them, the nickel will excrete salt in your body and the piercing area will recover late. Because of that when you get piercing first time, only choose G23 materials. Your health is more important than anything.

3-)Workmanship: Piercers have to know the human anatomy, first aid techniques, and obey the hygiene and sterilization rules.  Do not trust non- certified piercers.

4-)Pricing: For piercing except from genital, pierce+piercing costs start from 70 TL (~14$). Genital pierce starts from 100 TL. (~55$). Earring avarage prices are 20-40 TL. (12$-23$), but for special ones it'll rise to 100 TL


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